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Ever wondered why you spend a lot on tv subscription for the channels, hardly view for your whole life. Even those channels cost you a lot. What if I tell there is an alternative of this problem which won’t cost your single penny. All you have to do it download an application and money problem of spending a money on tv subscription is automatically solved. Here’s what you do is install you tv player application on you phone and forget about having spending money on subscription. This application is designed by You Apps SoftDev. it an apk based application designed for playing videos on your phone but it not only do that, it has a lot more like you can watch tv that too for free.

In this article we will be discussing about all the information regarding the application, so just stay tuned and go through all the points one by one. Since it is an apk application you won’t be able to find this application of playstore. You have to find it from unknown sources. Following heading will disscuss its features and installation of this application. So, let’s start from the installation.

 Installation Steps

You have to follow some very easy steps before installing the apk on your phone.
•        Firstly, you need to go to setting and search for security option for putting some changes. you can find settings by dropping down your notification bar.
•        Now, allow the device to accept application from unknown sources.

•        click on ok, of the warning message provided by the android. It is mandatory for installing the application on your phone.



•        if you have followed primary steps rest is very easy, all you need to do is open the application apk file downloaded.  

•        now just restart your device and everything is good to go.

 latest version of this application is v19.3 and it was last updated on june 2017.
Features of You TV Player App

Now, the installation is done. Let us discuss cool feature this application is giving. This application provides a wide range of features that you should look once.


•     High quality videos- this application doesn’t compromise with the quality of the video. Without any disturbance one can view videos without a pause.

 •    Fully safe–  safety and security of the application has also been fully revised. One can set password on the application son that on one else expect you be able to use the application.

 •    Offline video access- saving option of the video is also provided by you view the video later. So, when so work comes in between your work all you do is to save the video and view it later.

 •   TV access – the most noteworthy feature of the application is that you can view all the tv shows on you phone. A variety of channels throughout the globe is now available on your phone and that too without paying any fee, so it’s a worthful of an application you can download.  

 •  user friendly –  it is easy to use application, runs perfectly find without any lag issue. Even people new to using an android phone and operate this application without any problem.

•   Play any format – play MKV, 3GP, MP4, MPEG, MOV, FLV, AVI or even any other formats on this application without any problem.

•   Google Chromecast – Google chromecast is supported by this application, hence you experience the television view with help of an application smaller than 50mb.

•    change video quality accordingly – adjust video quality according the speed of the internet you are getting. If you face internet problems, you can view videos on standard and view them in high quality with high speed connection.


And if you are not an android user, it is not even an issue either. This application is also supported by the windows and ios platforms also.

So, here is all about this lovely application hope you liked it all. and you download it once to try it  

  Best Five Applications to Watch free movies o Android Thu, 25 Jan 2018 09:03:50 +0000  

There are thousands of movies and TV channels available on web through which you can watch your favorite show online. But instead of depending on the web browser for watching your favourite show there are some apps that are freely available on google play store which can offer you some additional features.

These apps can be install on your android device. After that you can search your movie watch it. And you can watch these movies in offline mode also after downloading it through online.So in offline mode you can watch whenever you want without caring about the data plan or Wi-Fi. SO in this post I am  going to show you some application through which you can watch free movies or TV shows.Let’s Start.



Youtube provides app for android phone.You can watch Latest movies,shows ,trending songs,entertainment news and many more other things.It allows downloading movies in certain countries like India, not in US or UK.


With the new design you can search over your favourite more easily and quickly by just tap on the icon or swipe to switch between the recommended videos.You  can subscribe your favourite channel,express yourself with comments or share videos,even you can upload your videos.Look upto the videos that you have watched  and like on the Account tab                  



ShowBox  is one of the best app to watch movies on Android phone and it is very popular for all smartphone users too.You  can watch easily TV shows ,reality shows, movies on your smartphone. If you think  about the quality it supports full HD (1080p) also.And you can also download you stuff without paying any charges. It keep on updating automatically based on the movies API also you will never  run out of the entertainment.

You can find the new online movies review,rating and trailers every time for free and unlimited movies recommendations.And one thing Showbox has ‘My Library’ features where the user can bookmarks there favourite movies or show, hence user can make his  own movies library.  

3.MegaBox HD


It is new free movies application  which almost Similar to Showbox.But this app is only available for android users.One of the best thing about this app that it is very small in size and it will not utilise much resource of your android phone. It Supports two different bets quality of movies or shows-360p and 720p.


You can watch all movie Teasers and trailers and fast search to find the best movie in megaBox list.Movies can be list by genre:action,comedy,crime ,science fiction,adventure,cartoon,romance, war etc.Every movie shows title, release date and some other informations      




It is one of the best movies streaming application for android & iOS.It’s additional feature like offline mode, subtitle support,kids mode and many more other makes its extremely best app.

With Cinema Box app you can watch the newest movies and TV shows, listen to music, download apps and wallpapers and much more.


This application also supports Google chromecast so that you can cast the video to your big screen for better watching experiences.You can favorite posts to access them later, and be notified when they’re updated.


5.Flipps HD


Watch free movies,Latest news,entertainment,musics, trending videos and many others things for free.Free movies and shows are added weekly so you will never run out of entertainment.It also supports full HD channels that makes amazing watching experience.This apps has very few commercials that will not spoil your entertainment.Even you can create your own bookmarks to watch flicks whenever you want. This app also supports chromecast or Airplay,synchronize viewing between the android devices and connected TV.

Best 5 Alternatives of WhatsApp for Android Sat, 20 Jan 2018 09:13:56 +0000 Are you guys user of whatsapp? As you know for running your convenient app in different operating system like iOS, android,windows you need to pay some amount of money such as for whatsapp in iOS you have to pay $ 0.99 for one time,for android its free but only for a month(as a trial) after that you have to pay some money. If you guys are the part of that multitude so today I am  going to show you top five free alternatives of whatsapp.

These apps are perfect Not only for the messaging  but also good for audio call, irrespective of OS.So this way you can connect more of your friends.So Let’s Start



Originally developed as Facebook Chat in 2008.Messenger app is freely available on google play store.Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files, as well as react to other user’s messages and interact with bots.


The app also support video calls and voice calls . The standalone apps support using multiple accounts, conversations with optional end-to-end encryption and you can even play games.  



Viber is an application that lets the any OS users send text messages and make free calls to any device which also has the Viber application installed. The new viber feature allow the user to put gaze on the activity(like calling and texting) of their kids or employees,totally hidden and incognita.

Viber is widely in use because it requires only internet connection. And all the chats in viber are end-to-end encrypted.Any Viber user can – make calls, exchanged SMS and images – everywhere and anytime.  Viber Messenger is your free international calling app! No need for a username or login information, simply activate by entering your phone number.Can do group chat upto 250 people at once.

3.Hike Messenger


Hike is way more than just simple free messaging, voice and video calling. But if you concern about the privacy it take charges to protect your privacy.Get complete on which friend see your last seen profile picture,timeline,and stories.above 20,000 free stickers when words can’t express it,say it with stickers.

And lots of other features like Hike wallet through which you can maintain your wallet balance and you can do upi payments also money can be added to your hike wallet through debit cards,credit cards etc. News can be seen on it.And you can create group chat upto 1000 members,share large videos ,split bills with friends using split bill feature.



Line application allowing you to enjoy not only messaging but also free voice and video calls wherever you find yourself.Great quality calls at no charge, no matter where you are. Even international calls with up to 200 people at the same time are completely free!

Share messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, and locations easily with friends.From messages and photos to videos and locations, share your daily moments with friends on Timeline.

Your own personal storage are available,Store messages, photos, videos, and more in Keep where you can easily share them with friends.From messages and photos to videos and locations, share your daily moments with friends on Timeline!  




Telegram is a messaging application which majorly focus on the high speed and privacy of user.It support group chats with huge number of people and we can share data upto 1.5 GB.It provides lots of stickers like celebrity stickers, emoji many others. You can create your own bots.

One of the most attracting feature of it is security,it supports end-to-end encryption of your data, chats and it will securely store your data in telegram cloud as long as you want to store here. You can create your own stickers and use the stickers of your friends.It has powerful photo and video editing tools open stickers/GIF platform to cater all your expressive needs.