You TV Player app Download for Android Smartphones


Ever wondered why you spend a lot on tv subscription for the channels, hardly view for your whole life. Even those channels cost you a lot. What if I tell there is an alternative of this problem which won’t cost your single penny. All you have to do it download an application and money problem of spending a money on tv subscription is automatically solved. Here’s what you do is install you tv player application on you phone and forget about having spending money on subscription. This application is designed by You Apps SoftDev. it an apk based application designed for playing videos on your phone but it not only do that, it has a lot more like you can watch tv that too for free.

In this article we will be discussing about all the information regarding the application, so just stay tuned and go through all the points one by one. Since it is an apk application you won’t be able to find this application of playstore. You have to find it from unknown sources. Following heading will disscuss its features and installation of this application. So, let’s start from the installation.

 Installation Steps

You have to follow some very easy steps before installing the apk on your phone.
•        Firstly, you need to go to setting and search for security option for putting some changes. you can find settings by dropping down your notification bar.
•        Now, allow the device to accept application from unknown sources.

•        click on ok, of the warning message provided by the android. It is mandatory for installing the application on your phone.



•        if you have followed primary steps rest is very easy, all you need to do is open the application apk file downloaded.  

•        now just restart your device and everything is good to go.

 latest version of this application is v19.3 and it was last updated on june 2017.
Features of You TV Player App

Now, the installation is done. Let us discuss cool feature this application is giving. This application provides a wide range of features that you should look once.


•     High quality videos- this application doesn’t compromise with the quality of the video. Without any disturbance one can view videos without a pause.

 •    Fully safe–  safety and security of the application has also been fully revised. One can set password on the application son that on one else expect you be able to use the application.

 •    Offline video access- saving option of the video is also provided by you view the video later. So, when so work comes in between your work all you do is to save the video and view it later.

 •   TV access – the most noteworthy feature of the application is that you can view all the tv shows on you phone. A variety of channels throughout the globe is now available on your phone and that too without paying any fee, so it’s a worthful of an application you can download.  

 •  user friendly –  it is easy to use application, runs perfectly find without any lag issue. Even people new to using an android phone and operate this application without any problem.

•   Play any format – play MKV, 3GP, MP4, MPEG, MOV, FLV, AVI or even any other formats on this application without any problem.

•   Google Chromecast – Google chromecast is supported by this application, hence you experience the television view with help of an application smaller than 50mb.

•    change video quality accordingly – adjust video quality according the speed of the internet you are getting. If you face internet problems, you can view videos on standard and view them in high quality with high speed connection.


And if you are not an android user, it is not even an issue either. This application is also supported by the windows and ios platforms also.

So, here is all about this lovely application hope you liked it all. and you download it once to try it